There are traditional families and families with four-legs "children". The Glauco Beach Club, within its structure, has always welcomed with great pleasure all the hairy "children" of its customers, especially if well educated, and has realized the desire of many owners to bring their four-legs friend for a bath without problems. Therefore on June 27 2016, a dedicated beach was inaugurated and separated from our traditional beach, specially designed for our friends with areas specially sized to have shade on two sunbeds and a suitable place even for large dogs. The beach is strictly regulated in order to minimize any kind of problem, so we ask you to read carefully the rules in the "House Rules" section to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Who was Thomas ??

Thomas was a Bernese Mountain Dog; a friend of a thousand adventures that here at Glauco has always been a constant presence in all of his years of life. Great lover of the sea, it was accepted and pampered by all our customers. Wandered absolutely free between the sofas of the bar, the restaurant and the beach, called by everyone for a caress or a piece of brioches. This beach is dedicated to him and to all our four-legs friends that we carry in our hearts.